you are at home

They are the neighbourhood HQs, institutions or hidden gems, gourmet restaurants and bistros... Their approach? A heartfelt cuisine, the cult of authentic products and the art of hospitality. All of them attract a local and loyal clientele, the neighbours from the area, the friends from across the street, the crew from next door.

About us Illustration
About us IllustrationAbout us IllustrationAbout us Illustration

In the kitchen? A brigade or a solo chef. In the dining room, the crème de la crème of hospitality (all the better) and on the menu, the French “terroir”, al dente, con o sin gluten, διάδοση (to spread) and always with lots of Wine, ypa!

The flavours know no borders, each setting is striking: you hear laughter, you see joy and most importantly you eat ever so well. Here, you’re in Paris… but not only. Here, in every MOKY address, you’ll find that little feeling of belonging, that familiar and friendly atmosphere that rings in your ears and tickles your taste buds: here, you are at home.

You know what they say: « Real people know ». Real people sit and dine here. You too can become a well-informed customer in your neighbourhood. A handshake (or even a hug) is recommended as soon as you step inside!